Camp Holloway Dispensary

Pleiku, South Vietnam

APO 96318


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A Band of Brothers !


The Docs

Lloyd Beemer of 755th Med Det

Bruce N. Bigley of 94th Med Det

Roy D. Butler of 173 Fixed Wing

Carlos E. Chilcott of 755th Med Det

Tony J. Cop of 94th Med Det

David W. Cuva of 755th Med Det

Johnny Driver of HDD Med Det

? Dorsey of 755th Med Det

Joe Ellis of HDD Med Det

(Jerry) Lynn Ellis of 755th Med Det

Jim Fishburn of 755th Med Det

? Footman of ?

James C. Fowle of 519th Med Det

Carl B Fosco of 519th Med Det

Larry D. Kimmith of 94 & 755th Med Det

Bob Kovalick of HHD Met Det

Caraballo F. Madera of 94th Med Det

Ralph S. Main of 755th Med Det

Aubrey Manis of 755th Med Det

Jose A. Montijo-Torres of 755th Med Det

August Oetzel III of 94th Med Det


Frank J. Motto of 755th Med Det

Kerry Pardue of 755th Med Det

Bill Pishlo of 755th Med Det

Edward H. Rhoads of 755th Med Det

Paul Ramos of ?

Alan J. Rosenbaum of 755th Med Det

Joseph J. Rustin of HHD Med Det

A. J. Sartin of 94th Med Det

Jim Starkey of 94th Med Det

Paul R. Straub, Jr of 755th Med Det

Jim Swyers of 755th Med Det

Gene Tetrault of ?

Jim Terralavorro of 94th Med Det

James M. Twomey of 519th Med Det

Don E. Walton of HHD Med Det

George W. Watson of 94th Med Det

Carl Williams of 94th Med Det

Floyd Wilson of 755th Med Det

? Woods of ?

George Zathey of 94th Med Det

More Names Will Be Added Soon


The Doctors


Capt. David Acus of HHD Det

Capt. Fred Margolin of ? Det

Capt. Curtis T. Martin of 94th Det

Capt Merrill Mirman of 755th Med Det

Capt. James H. Peterson of 94th Med Det

Capt. Edward M. Schlein of ? Det

Capt. Wayne O. Wallace, Jr. of HHD Det

Capt. Mark Finn DDS of ? Det


More Names Will Be Added As Information Is Received.



Letter from patient

I was with the 170th AHC in 1969 and made many trips to the Dispensary at Camp Holloway.  Just a quick recap:
(1) abt. January: I slashed 3 finger tips on some jagged metal.  The Docs stitched them up.
(2) abt. April: I dropped a rotorblade, hub end, on my foot.  Broken little toe.  X-rays were taken with my foot in the dentist chair.
(3) abt. August: I had an abscess in my jaw.  The Dentist did root canals on my 4 front teeth and anchored them by wiring them together.  This resulted in weekly visits for a couple of months.  I recall that the assisting tech. jokingly mentioned that if I wanted to go home, I need only have one of my buddy's punch me.  It wouldn't take much to break my jaw.
I didn't take his suggestion.  I completed my tour of duty as a crewchief and returned home in good shape thanks in good part to you guys at the Dispensary.
Thank you,
Ron Sanders


Photo of Camp Holloway courtesy of Carl Sr., 52nd CAB

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